Awesome Features

Virtual Reality

Job interview practices - Anywhere, anytime

'Replay' button in the interview room

3 challenge levels

15 industries/jobs to choose from

Feedback at your fingertips

mock back mock front

Bonus Features

  • Self-reflections - You know yourself best.

  • Mini-lessons on job-hunting topics - HR personnel are in to share with you tips!

  • Website to access your practice recordings and self-reflection notes.

  • Enormous question bank (over 2000 job interview questions in total)


You can find some screenshots about the app below

User Manual

Welcome to "I'm IN-HKUST!"!

1) Download the VR Application

Go to Apple Store or Google Play Store and find “I’m IN – HKUST”. Kindly use your ITSC account to log onto the application. Once you’re in, you will be in the VR mode, which would require the use of VR eyewear.

App Icon

2) Make use of Language Commons’ and Library’s VR Goggles

With the VR Goggles on, you could experience a “real” interview. However, the use of the VR application (with or without the VR eyewear) is not allowed in open areas of Language Commons and the Library.

  1. Reserve a session of a Meeting Room at Language Commons through the counter services and use the VR headset provided inside the room (Sterilize the Goggles if needed) or

    Reserve a Library Room in advance
    1. “Interview Room”- See the rules and make your reservation here or
      “Group Study Room”- See the rules and make your reservation here
    2. Borrow a set of VR Goggles at IC Help Desk on G/F
    3. Sterilize the Goggles at “Book Sterilizer” near Circulation Counter on G/F if needed
    4. Check in the “Interview Room” at LC Help Desk on LG1 if reservation is made in advance
    5. Use the VR application inside the Room reserved but not in any open study area
    6. Check out the Room by informing LC Help Desk or calling 2358-6729
    7. Return VR Goggles at IC Help Desk on G/F within the same day of borrowing

3) Choose the 2D mode

If you wish to exit the VR mode and choose the 2D mode, you could press ‘X’, the cross, at the left-hand corner.

4) Choose the scene

You could select either ‘Interview’ or ‘mini-lessons’. If you wish to re-choose the options, you could always go back by pressing ‘back’ at the bottom of the screen.

If you select ‘interview’, you could decide the length of your interview practice (10, 15 and 20 minutes). Then, select the challenge level of your practice (easy, intermediate or advanced). After that, you can choose from as many as 15 industries and professions. And, your interview will begin! During the interview, you can adjust the sound sensitivity level by moving the slider slightly beyond the current background noise level on the bar at the bottom of the screen if you don’t wish the background noise recorded and the next question delayed as a result. You can always choose to ‘repeat’ the question, go to the ‘next’ question or go back to the ‘home’ page.

If you select ‘mini-lessons’, there are 13 topics that you could choose from. Each lesson is around 5 minutes, and the topics range from preparing a digital portfolio and a LinkedIn profile, cover letter writing, group interviews, answering standard and unexpected questions to body language in an interview.

5) Rate your interview

After the interview, you would rate your interview performance through a couple of questions to receive feedback, and, after that, you will be redirected to the home page.

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